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Recruitment Services


Consulting Services

With strong relationships in place with a large number of contractors across the industry, Envalis is able to find contractors to meet the right budget, timelines and experience levels.  Our network extends across the world and we have a range of contracting solutions which comply with country specific legal requirements and that best meet the needs of our customers.  For example CV’s or solutions, please contact one of our experienced consultants.


Executive Headhunting

To hire the best, you need ways to get to the best.  Our Principal Consultants have long standing pharmaceutical industry experience, vast networks of Senior Managers and leaders in the clinical and data-sciences fields and the skills to search for and then headhunt the most talented people.  We still will only charge a fee upon placement, so you can be sure that you will be working with specialist recruiters who are motivated to fill the role with the right individual.


Functional Team Development

Envalis is able to work strategically to create and place global teams of professional consultants to cover short or long-term needs.  This functional approach has become particularly interesting to those looking for ways to support clinical programming and statistics where permanent resources with the required levels of experience are scarce. Options exist whereby a permanent functional lead is put in place that is dedicated to the creation and management of the global team and teams can then be client based, home-based or Envalis office based.  We also have a partnership in place with a leading data-focused CRO to build hybrid functional teams of resources. Please contact one of our Functional Service Leaders to discuss your requirements and the variety of options in more detail.


Global Team Development

Whilst Envalis has a primary focus on Europe, where needed, teams can be identified across other regions.  In particular, teams incorporating the US, India, Eastern Europe and South Africa can be created due to the ability for Envalis to have local presence in these locations.  This enables the building of cost effective teams that maintain high quality and that utilize local expertise levels.